Sunday 11 January 2009

so I am back....

For a second semester. Was difficult to leave again after I had got so used to life and work and being active back home. Its impossible to feel so passionately and angry at the goings on in Gaza and be completely unable to do anything in Singapore. It is such a closed society and people genuinely dont care about it, you couldn't find any country more reliant on US than Singapore or more disgusted by dissidence or a differing opinion from its own that Singapore. The most being done is Masjids are collecting for the humanitarian needs of Gaza. Thats really about it.

Last night was difficult when I arrived because I was so drained from sleep, and then after I woke up once this morning I couldn't get back to sleep at all! Only time I got tired was when it hit 1am back home and i was like daaaaamn I'm supposed to have at least 6 hrs now but sadly I had to get up.

But it was nice, I went over to Nuruls to pick up my stuff and it was wonderful to speak to and see her :) I have missed her company as we get along great Alh so I am looking forward to 4th year in Edinburgh with her again. She seems to have enjoyed Cairo (more towards the end) and was in great shock about the fact that is was meant to be a Muslim country and gets more harassment from men there than anywhere else. Why is that? Why do Muslim countries have some of the most disgusting men? Surely that makes very very little sense. I think it has got something to do with the role of women in their society and also obviously Western influences, or maybe repression, but a strong woman is the backbone of their husband, behind all great men are great women, tis very very true. Anyway got slightly sidetracked...

then helped farah move in, had lunch with some friends which was lovely and came upstairs to finish unpacking. TOO MY HORROR i found cockroaches in my bags that had been at nuruls :( so i smacked one with my slipper and the other has disappeared, I sincerely hope out my room iA but i've turned it inside out and not found anything so I hope that is the end of it but I'm rather scared of going to sleep tonight! vile ugly things :(

then i had dinner with folk which was also nice to be back chilling with them :) and farahs mum phoned so had a wee chat with her and will go see her soon iA, her mum is in hospital now and she has invited me up to visit which was lovely because she makes me feel part of her family! Lovely woman msA. So now I'm just checking out language courses and other such things. I want a bit more meaning out here so both Nurul and Saf have said to me that there is tutoring needed done at some Madrassahs so I might pop along on saturday and find out more about it iA

anyway time time for bed, I dont really have classes tomorrow I'm just tired, and I had a read of some of the work bins for my classes on thurs and it sounded like quite a lot so I'd better get started on class participation points!

Take care one and all

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